This week Mikki Funk the Spiritual leader of the Yes Wow movement Joins me we speak on all things Yes Wow! The artistic and Spiritual Living the L.I.L Location Independent Lifestyle, Brand Identification, The consumer slave ship, Aquaponics Solutions, Big earrings, Power Tools, Hoarding the Material Girl, Yes Wow Yoga, The Book of Jordan & So much more!!


True Ibiza Stories Live!

& Ibiza lifestyle .Tv Present:


Inspire your fire podcast!
The Big idea for this show
The World is Changing…

When you bring in real Characters from across the world of Entertainment
Business and The Fine Arts,
people who are affecting the way popular culture is viewed
and the world of Fine Arts is unfolding.
Then you give people in the rest of the world who are aspiring to
get their careers to that level a chance  to look inside…
For a day for an hour…
A Window of things they would otherwise never see,
And Never Experience…
And if you do that in a way that’s candid
And Truthful…
You can change a lot of lives…

Join us on our journey!

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